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These are real exhibitionists who love to be watched while they have sex.

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She’s a cruel Fem Dom, but she can be sweet and coaxing if that’s the kind of JOI you’re looking for.

days ago cause it was so nice out and if you know how many family is then you know we were just naked and my neighbor behind our house like the backyard side was out too we waved and everything cause we've known him for years.

Then one day, he absent-mindedly stashed it too close to a radiator…’ Rick: ‘Enough, dude.’ Greg: ‘…and ended up literally broiling the poor Pony – ‘Rainbow Dash’, I believe – in spunk.

hristopher Russell owned a small bar in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland, but, like a lot people these days, figured he had better odds hooking up online.

He retires to the bathroom, does his thing, and ejaculates into said vessel. When it’s around half full (or half empty, depending on your outlook) the gang sit in a circle and pass it around, each in turn removing the lid and inhaling the putrid stench therein deeply. Guys, usually comic-book aficionados, lovingly spooge over their most prized action figurines, then share photos (or *shudder* videos) over the internet for their handiwork to be critically evaluated by a forum of peers. He kept a My Little Pony figurine in a glass jar, and spent months patiently trying to drown it in cum, one spurt at a time, Ted: ‘Please stop, mate.’ Greg: ‘It gets worse.

Rick: ‘OK, you’ve finally lost me dude.’ Ollie: ‘Just… He basically succeeded, drowning the sorry quadruped in his w*** juice.

It's really the only way I can get off now, which sucks because there's so few women who would want to watch me jerk off for them, and even fewer who would want to help by joining in.You’d have to begin again from scratch.’ Rick: ‘God, and round two would take forever.’ A slow-burner, this one.Whenever good pals gather to play FIFA or watch telly, and one fancies teasing the tamarind, a communal ‘spuzzjar’ is produced and handed reverently to him. I totally had a spuzzjar.’ Greg: ‘I remember your spuzzjar, Rick. ’ Rick: ‘Mum knocked it off the bookshelf when she was dusting and it smashed.’ Ted: ‘No wonder your parents broke up.’ Paul: ‘F***s sake, lads.’ A 21st-century addition to the team-tug canon, the ‘cumming on figurines’ movement is charmingly reminiscent of postal chess – in that it moves at the stately pace of correspondence.The vinyl is a blue and clear color swirl and each piece will be unique.If you prefer digital music but have a hankering for something collectible, we’ve got you covered, order the Digital Album and Lithograph Bundle and the first 500 will be autographed by Jack! My mom and I went over to talk for a bit like how...