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It had a solid contoured maple body and shared many of the Parker Fly's advanced features like a basswood neck reinforced with Parker's patented carbon fiber/glass/epoxy composite.And a fingerboard made of the same smooth, stable and durable composite material as the neck.The Parker Fly is has quite complex electronics installed.The heart of the pre refined electronics is the Fishman Board (it reads „Fly 1 REV 1 FISHMAN“).Electronics include the integrated use of coil split humbuckers, single coil and piezo pickups with active circuitry.

The combination of composite fingerboard and stainless steel frets has led to Parker’s reputation for the fastest neck in the business.

11) What does the red button on the back edge of my Parker Fly actually do? 13) What MIDI converter do you recommend for use with the Midi Fly? I put a nick in the finish of my Fly, how can I buy some touch up paint?

14) I have the MIDI cables connected properly between my Midi Fly and my synth module, but I’m still not getting any sound. 2) I see that Parker is now offering a Fly model with Seymour Duncan pickups (the new Fly Mojo).

It was like the NFV1 but with a Di Marzio humbucker and 2 single coil pickups.

The Nite Fly was Parker's first bolt-on neck guitar.