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One or more customers can pledge any amount of credits above the minimum to help meet the goal.

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Players can also complete events that involve flying special items and people to a designated destination.After completing these events, players are awarded Bux, which are used to buy planes and purchase other perks such as upgrades and the ability to speed up flights.Personal Events are listed in white in the events list, and involve bringing a certain amount of cargo and/or passengers to cities participating in that event.These events are for you only and do not involve you flight crew.

In Pocket Planes, players assume the role of an airline CEO.

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Just tap Menu in the bottom-right corner, then tap the Events button.

A global event is just like a regular event that causes cargo items and passengers to want to go to the event city, except with a global event, other players around the world also see the same event and can contribute to delivering passengers and cargo to the event city. For global events, other players can join teams called Flight Crews.