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But a number of Christian pro-family advocates are saying that Christians need to be careful even about Focus on the Family President Jim Daly shares the burden with parents who are concerned about the premarital relationships their children develop.“I concur with many of the misgivings expressed by those concerned about the ‘dating game,’ as it has come to be known and accepted in modern society,” Daly shared with WND. Others, primarily […] Here is the latest on WWE’s plans for this year’s Summer Slam pay-per-view event. There were some on the corporate side that wanted Patron to be gone from the company.

Craft remained with Saturday Disney as host and segment producer for six years.

(1972-85) and ’Allo ’Allo (1982-92), and (again with Jimmy Perry) You Rang, M’Lord? In his seventies, Croft collaborated with Richard Spendlove, a former railwayman, to produce Oh, Dr Beeching! A nostalgic preoccupation with class ran throughout Croft’s work, intertwined with repeated references to campness, an echo of his early theatrical background.

His characterisations of gays often proved controversial; one BBC eminence took one look at Mr Humphries, the mincing menswear assistant portrayed by John Inman in Are You Being Served?

and declared: “The poof will have to go.” Inman, stoutly supported by Croft (“If the poof goes, I go”), quickly achieved stardom and weathered the long-running controversy fomented by gay lobbyists who complained that Croft and Lloyd had portrayed the character in a stereotypical and offensive way.

Croft’s work frequently placed him at odds with his masters at the BBC.