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Updating attributes core data

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Let's assume we're building a Twitter client for i OS using Core Data as a caching mechanism.We want to have a view controller showing a user profile.It's fair to assume that we have some reference to an object that performs the network fetch and we know when it completes its job.In this case, we can just execute the same fetch request again and be done. There'll be cases when a user's profile updates because of other network operations in our app.Custom migration is quite a powerful tool and you can perform all kinds of transformations, e.g., change relationships or merge entities.In this guide, only changes of the attribute’s type are discussed, but this might be a good starting point for other kinds of migrations, too.If that happens we'll end up with a stale data visible on the screen.The recommended approach to working around that in Core Data are notifications. We have to handle initial fetch and future updates in (two) completely different ways. It's not just me too, as it's against current development practices, such as FRP.

Unique Constraints are a way to declare a custom attribute to be unique across all instances of an entity.To define quickly Magical Record, it is a set of classes/categories build over Core Data framework.It provides a lot of convenient methods which make the Core Data programming easier because it is based over the Active Records pattern: Active record is an approach to accessing data in a database.Here comes the very useful open-source project named Magical Record.This post is intended to give an introduction to using the Magical Record project by showing and explaining you some code snippet extract from a little project which is available here.Note: This article talks about the Core Data (via Magical Record) so I’m assuming that you are already familiar with it or at least you know the basics.